Just one of those days……

Its not often I moan about my lot in life but just recently I seem to be doing my hamster impersonation on a regular basis; either one way or t’other round the M25 (the notorious London orbital motorway or ‘freeway’ for my friends across the pond).

‘All’ I had to do today was go to Heathrow airport from Stansted airport and back (bit like old times really!). Whichever direction one went the M25 lived up to it’s nickname ‘the UK’s biggest car park’.

I’ve noticed over the years that the standards of driving in this country seem to be dropping alarmingly. Perhaps the hot weather or the fact that its holiday season added to the general lack of care and attention taken by one’s fellow travellers. It took nearly six hours to complete the 117 miles (one complete circumnavigation) and its only Thursday! God help us tomorrow!


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