All things knitting……

Good morning all! What an amazing couple of days I’m having.  Yesterday I took myself off to the ‘Knitting & Stitching Show’ at Alexandra Palace, London (more on that to follow but here’s the link as it continues today and tomorrow

Today, I’m going to learn to crochet a granny square at ‘Craft Days’ in Saffron Walden! .  ‘Craft Days’ run by Jane and her team is a glorious haven of creativity.  They have regular workshops for adults and children covering everything from all things knitting and crochet to book binding, lampshade making and ‘get to know your sewing machine’!  As well as the spacious workshop area, the shop itself is full of goodies for your favourite creative activities.  One thing I’m particularly impressed by is their promotion of British yarns.  They also have regular visits from ‘knitting royalty’ such as Erika Knight and are planning a visit by Betsan Corkhill  You can browse in a relaxed atmosphere and if life is all a bit much, plonk yourself of the comfy sofa and chill!


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