Life, the universe and trucking!

Life over the past 18 months has, at times, been a bit ‘pants’ frankly.  They say ‘life is a roller coaster, you just gotta ride it’, but to be honest a little less ‘excitement’ for a while would suit me just fine.  There have been times when I thought I must have been very bad in a past life or that there was someone, somewhere sticking pins in a little wax effigy of me!  However, the sun is shining and I’ve loads of positive, creative delights to share!

Yesterday I went to the ‘Living Crafts’ event. Held in the ancient parklands of historic Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, it is a coming together of master craftsmen and women from all over the UK.  I met some ‘old’ friends and made some new and have lots more to say…….but I’ve just been called out to drive this so it’ll have to wait!


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