Sitting in a truck all day can be a tad lonely so…..

Sitting in a truck all day can be a tad lonely so the other arm of my business empire compliments it well!  I’m an Independent Phoenix Trader.  ‘What on earth is that?’, I hear you say.  Phoenix was set up just over 20 years ago by some mums who were fed up spending over the odds for greetings cards so they decided to get some artist friends to design some.  They got the cards printed and sold them to other friends.  Today the cards are still designed by British artists, printed in the UK and sold by Independent Phoenix Traders like me.  They are not available in the shops.  We have a couple of trader meetings per year where you have the chance to see some of the original art work and sometimes meet the artists.  Wrapping paper, tags, note lets, note pads, and lots of other goodies have now been added to the range too.

Here are some of the original pieces and their cards on view at our trader meeting in January.  We also get to vote on proposed designs.

I decided to become a trader because I love the cards and because selling them is very social.  I regularly organise a ‘Coffee & Cards’ at home or take a ‘capsule collection’ to a friends house for their own event.  I attend school fairs a charity events and I know it sounds a bit clichéd, but I’ve met and made some great friends through Phoenix.  
You can run your business on whatever scale you like.  Just have a few catalogues that you show to friends or hold lots of stock and do big events and make it into your career.  The choice is yours and you fit it in to your life.  There is no pressure to perform and no targets to be met, the decisions about how much time and effort you devote to your business are up to you!  I do well around Valentine’s when my trucking mates remember at the last minute, they need a card for the wife or girlfriend (or both! 😂)

If you’d like to know more click on this link


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