As well as trucking & knitting…..

As well as trucking and knitting I run my own wee Phoenix greetings card business!  I do a roaring trade at Valentine’s when my trucking pals have forgotten to buy a card for the wife/girlfriend (or both!) 😉

I’ve just finished listening to one of the regular webinars Phoenix offer to traders in support of their businesses. As a thank you for listening we have all received a ‘golden ticket’. Anyone I sponsor between now and the end of June will get extra cards free in whichever pack they choose!  I really love what I do, why don’t you join me too and start your own Phoenix business! 😎📮💌💞
All you need to do is choose;
1) Friends and Family pack £35, 45 cards, 10 brochures, retail value approximately £70 not including 11 extra free cards with the golden ticket! 😊👏🏼
2) The Starter pack £75, 100 cards, 25 brochures, retail value approximately £150 plus 22 free cards on top of that! 😎🍾
3) The Business pack £200, 250 cards, gift wrap, tags and more, retail value approximately £500, plus 50, yes 50 free cards on top! 😎🍾👏🏼🎈
You will also get your own ‘golden ticket’ to pass on to your new team members when you recruit to your team!  
You are totally your own boss. There are no targets to be met, you run your business to suit you. The more you put in, the more you get out, and above all it is fun!  
For more info contact me or click on the link to my website for further details,


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