Proms, Picnics & Planes!

Saturday saw my third visit to the Shuttleworth Collection in as many months……I think I’m a tiny wee bit hooked!  So much so that I’ve sent in my form to volunteer there!  

This time I spent the afternoon visiting the house.  Built in 1875 and designed by the architect Henry Clutton, it has an impressive collection of paintings and was once the home of the Shuttleworth family.

Having enjoyed one’s afternoon tea in the house you could climb aboard one of two vintage buses that were running a service between the mansion and the airfield and hangars.


Then it was off for a wander round the hangars for me before meeting up with friends for the flying prom.

Take note; an oil bucket with class!

‘Dorothy’ the steam engine in the background

A balmy summer evening it was not, but it takes more than a little wind and rain to dampen the spirits of promenaders at the Shuttleworth Flying Prom!  As champagne corks popped and everyone held onto their hats we we treated to an impressive flying display by the Shuttleworth pilots and visitors, and concert given by the National Symphony Orchestra

In anticipation!

I defy anyone not to be moved by the sight of a Spitfire soar to ‘Reach for the sky’ or the mighty Lysander to ‘Where Eagles dare’.  Truly breathtaking aerobatics both with an engine and without, to ‘Those magnificent men in their flying machines’.  We enjoyed a ‘Teddy bears picnic’ and a visit to Ambridge before the traditional finale of ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ and fireworks!  

When I was little my Dad used to take us the Strathallen Aircraft Museum and the Lysander was amongst my favourites.  The Airfix model ‘flew’ above my bed and a poster of it was pinned to the wall.  When the museum was in financial difficulties I put all my pocket money in their collecting tin.  Sadly my contribution didn’t prevent the eventual closure of the museum and dispersement of the collection.  It was only recently that I discovered my beloved Lysander is now homed at Shuttleworth.  A happy ending to what to me, at the time, was a tragic story.  

The mighty Lysander

The next ‘flying’ event is Wings & Wheels on Sunday 4th September


2 thoughts on “Proms, Picnics & Planes!

  1. Good blog. Love Shuttleworth. Last visit a man xame up to me and told me I looked gorgeous. Didn’t impress my husband who was holding my hand and was totally ignored but it made my day.


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