Art in Clay

There always seems to be an air of calm at this event set in the parkland around historic Hatfield House.  It is a showcase of the ceramic art both established and up and coming.  

What always strikes me as you wander through the marquees is that it all begins as that one lump of clay.  The eminently practical stands alongside the purely decorative.  

For me, it is the opportunity to meet the makers.  Often they have a wheel or work table set up beside theirs stands for demos, or sketchbooks laid out.  They are always happy to talk to the lay person about their techniques and inspiration.  Overheard conversations between ‘potters’ about slip combinations or firing temperatures can also be fascinating.  It is a social ‘get together’ for them too in what I’d imagine could be an otherwise solitary work life.  Nowadays however, the existence of shared studio spaces goes some way to bring artists and crafts people together.

The Eider duck wanted to come home with me but I’ll need to save the pocket money first.

People watching at Art in Clay is always fascinating.


I had a lovely chat with Daphne who we discovered works in the same studio as one of my basketry tutors Polly Pollock. Small world!

Well, it had my name on it!

Fascinating to see the sad boy as I followed his creation from clay to kiln on the Singing Soul Facebook page!

These pieces has a rich ‘fabric’, costume quality to them. It turned out that Pam spent her childhood watching her father at work as a bespoke taylor.

It was great to meet Mark as earlier this year I was thrilled to be the winner in his ‘giveaway’ on Facebook and a magnificent Pelican winged it’s way to my house!  I have to admit the Pelican is not alone now…

I’m not sure if above my desk under the stairs will be the final home for these but they are safe there whilst renovations continue!

My picnic lunch cool bag that says it all!

On leaving Hatfield.

The end of a great day, a great mug of tea.

……and for your next outing?


4 thoughts on “Art in Clay

  1. Really glad to get to see this especially with all the great pics. It’s almost a virtual visit. I could not go this time but definitely will look out for next time.
    Loved it, more please 👍🏻😉. Although it makes me very envious.


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