Notes from a small village….

In this day of social networks, constant connectivity and 24 hour news feed it is easy enough to while away time glued to the screen of tablet or phone to the detriment of connection with the ‘real’ world.  Sometimes life reminds you that in spite of the undoubted advantages of technologies such as Skype, FaceTime, Facebook and the like for keeping ‘in touch’ with those near and far, there is nothing to beat face to face.  

As is my want on a day off from trucking, I try to walk if I can rather than getting in the car (big effort to keep the newly acquired Fitbit happy!).  It is not always easy, as anyone who lives in a rural village will tell you, the supermarket, dentist, cinema or theatre usually require pre planning and a car journey.  Today though I was meeting two girlfriends for coffee at our local farm shop cafe, definitely walkable.  I gave myself a good half hour for a walk that should take about 15 minutes.  On the village high street I first met the manageress of said cafe on her day off, and her beau.  Whilst chatting with them, the landlord of the pub stuck his head out the door to say hello and ask if I could pop in.  He and his wife just wanted to say hello as it had been a while.  Needless to say the half hour flew by and in the end I accepted a lift to my coffee date!

At the farm shop elevenses turned into lunch with my friends one of whom is leaving to live in the Middle East.  She gave us both a mug and had bought herself one too.  The three mugs were all the same, the idea being that when we drink from our mug we would be reminded of our lunch and our friendship.  A simple but beautiful plan.  

On my walk home I passed another favourite eatery, the bacon butty van in the lay by.  The owner, a long standing buddy was just closing up and mopping down but we put the world to rights as we always do!  I got my usual wave from  the boys at the local garage and popped into the little tea room to drop off some card catalogues………the chocolate cake looked very good indeed……well it would have been rude not to!  

I walked in my door and made a cup of tea feeling grateful for community and friendship.


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