Minimalism – Feeling the Benefit

I’m trying hard to do the same but it is not easy. The right frame of mind is key.

Jem Weston

It’s been a full month since I finished the Minimalism game and although I’ve not been counting – I’m sure I’ve got rid of at least the same amount of stuff again!

I’ve done big clear-outs before, but this time it feels different. I’m not just getting rid of a few things so that my stuff fits in to the space I have – I’m gradually getting rid of everything I don’t use, wear or love and putting in place systems so that I acquire less “stuff”.

We now have a bookcase which has virtually no books left on it and empty boxes under the bed and on top of my wardrobe which were once stuffed to bursting! At some point we’ll have to decide which pieces of furniture to keep because with less stuff to store we need less furniture to store it.

The process is difficult. The most…

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What’s More to the Point!

‘More to the Point’, 120 Kings Street, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2PQ. 

I felt like I’d walked into the pages of a Debbie Macomber novel when I visited here today.  You know sometimes you just need a day that restores your faith in humanity…..well this was it!  We live in uncertain, unsettling times and anything that allows one to forget about the woes of the world for a while is right ‘up there’ in my book!  

There was a steady stream of enthusiastic customers who all received a warm welcome and advice if they required it.  A comfy sofa and a cuppa was also on offer to regulars and newbies alike.  

‘Work in Progress Wednesday’

Not knitting but ‘The Crochet Trucker’ this week.  A spot of stash busting!  If I remember correctly it is Herdwick and I bought the skeins in a tiny shop somewhere in Cumbria when I was staying with friends.  It was the colour that got me, naturally dyed I think!  Anyway, a lap rug is the W.I.P.