Long distance biscuit…..

Baking on what is probably going to be the second hottest day of the year after yesterday, is probably not the best plan but it seemed like a good idea at the time!  I’m rather fond of Nigella’s feel good food because ‘it does what it says on the tin’ so to speak.  ‘Simply Nigella’, available as they say, from all good bookshops, came to me as a Christmas prezzy from my brother last year.

I’m always looking for that little treat to add to the picnic I take to work and Anzac biscuits seem to fit the bill.  I’ve also tried Nigella’s breakfast bars (p358) with the odd diversion from her ingredient list!  As the lady herself says, “there are gluten-free, dairy-free and enough seeds to make you start sprouting!”  The Anzacs are not quite as virtuous but we all need a goody from time to time! 

I’ve made mine without the coconut purely because I didn’t have any.  I just upped the quantity of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  I cannot tell you what they taste like yet as they are still cooling but the house smells glorious!  I’m hoping Nigella won’t mind me sharing, so get to it and make some!


Brum & back…

For a long time my usual Friday ‘gig’ has been Stansted to Birmingham airport and back.  A slight diversion up the A10 to avoid a M11 jam.  A spot of crochet in my break and some very important cargo on the way back! 

In-cab entertainment

Before you ask……they DID reach their destination!


Calming cab crochet!

Having spent over five hours on the M25 this afternoon I was loosing the will to live only to have another job tagged onto my day!  But the jams had cleared and the rain stopped on the trip from Stansted to Becton   As the sun set I sat listening to the seagulls and a ‘v’ formation of geese gaggle overhead and watched BAe 146s (my old truck!) on final approach to London City.  With a flask of Assam and my crochet ‘blanket to be’ life didn’t seem so bad after all.  

An everyday tale of country folk……

You’d be surprised how many truckers, this one included, are closet Archers addicts.  I even knew one who told his company he would not answer the cab phone between 1902 and 1915!  Here is the Dead Ringers’ (Radio 4’s Friday night satirical comedy show) take on the everyday tale of country folk in deepest Borsetshire!  Enjoy!


Truckers, a special breed…

https://youtu.be/Sv5kHyQWGzY‘Published on 19 Jul 2016Award winning filmmaker Marc Isaacs explores the secret life of Britain’s truckers, discovering an uncharted world of isolation, loneliness and the open road. Finding many of these men sleeping in their own trucks in lay-by car parks and service stations, this film is an intimate and poignant portrayal of modern masculinity on Britain’s motorways.’